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  1. The Ontario Heritage Act has a provision for Designation by the Minister where a municipality such as Niagara Falls does not do as it should. (The City’s Municipal Heritage Committee, appointed by the Council under The Ontario Heritage Act, has recommended UNANIMOUSLY, that the property at 6015 Barker Street be designated IN ITS ENTIRETY in recognition of its great significance as a Cultural Heritage Landscape.)

    34.5 (1) After consultation with the Trust, the Minister may, by order, designate any property within a municipality or in unorganized territory as property of cultural heritage value or interest of provincial significance if,
    (a) the property meets the criteria prescribed by regulation; and
    (b) the designation is made in accordance with the process set out in section 34.6. 2005, c. 6, s. 26.

    Effect of designation
    (2) If property is designated by the Minister under subsection (1), the owner of the property shall not,
    (a) carry out or permit an alteration of the property of a kind described in subsection (3) unless the Minister consents to the alteration …

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