‘… He said the federal government has already reinstated funding to the Canadian Tourism Commission to reach out to potential American tourists.

“The federal government recognizes the importance of Americans to Canadian tourism. They are our closest customers.”’

Thus speaks the Niagara Falls Mayor who knowingly supported turning the US position at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane into affordable housing. This instead of availing himself of up to $500,000 in federal funding to create a commemorative park on the site.

At the Ontario Municipal Board hearing last year, acknowledged expert Donald Graves (author of the definitive account, Where Right and Glory Lead! The Battle of Lundy’s Lane 1814) testified that an interaction which is “the stuff of American schoolboy legend” took place on the site in question.

Might not it make sense to “reach out to potential American tourists” and recognize their importance by conserving their nation’s position at the climactic battle of the War of 1812?

Especially since the City of Niagara Falls OWNS the land in question?

6015 Barker Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario is where the American units emerged into the sunlit open ground from the path through the woods they’d taken. Here they changed from column into line formation, in full view of the British gunners partway up the southeastern slope of the hill. From here they charged unsuccessfully. And here they were mown down as they stood in formation waiting for their next orders.

Here, too, Captain James Miller’s famous retort to the order to capture those guns – “I’ll try, Sir!” – was uttered.

But the City of Niagara Falls does not deem this ground, upon which so much bravery was exhibited and so much blood was shed, worthy of protection.

Instead the City of Niagara Falls spent hundreds of thousands of local tax dollars fighting to turn that hallowed spot into low income housing.

How can the City expect federal dollars to “reach out to potential American tourists” when it has been busy throwing away the once in a lifetime opportunity to do this very thing with land it already owns? And with federal funds available to do the work?

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