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We are happy to accept donations to help preserve the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield.  Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax deduction.You don’t have much to donate?  No problem.  If we can get 500,000 people to donate just $1 then we can reach our goal.  Want to donate more?  No problem.  You can choose the amount that you wish to donate.

2 comments on “Pay Pal Donations

  1. As a former student of Barker Street School (1950′s), I wld like to donate. Will do it thru your website (PenPal) but wld prefer to deliver or mail a cheq directly to your cause as I know that PenPal keep a portion of the donation. Pls let me know is there is someone, someplace I can mail or drop off a cheq — I live near Cherrywood and Dorchester Rd…I will do it.

    Good luck…Judy

    • Thank you for your support!

      Payments can be made to:

      The Friends of the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield
      5993 Barker St.
      Niagara Falls, ON
      L2G 1Y5

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